A waste audit is a process used to calculate the type and amount of waste generated by an organization. Any size organization can get this type of audit done. The data collected from the audit will identify the amount of waste, type of waste and how the organization manages this waste.
The audit also helps the organization to look at waste more effectively and help by reducing waste management costs. The audit will also assist the Institution methods to be adopted to become Solid Waste Management Rule 2016 compliant.


On receipt of Letter of invite our trained Waste Auditor would visit the Location/base and interact with the management senior functionaries. They will then carry out an audit by visiting various locations and interacting with the sanitation workers.
All this data would then be fed into a mathematical model to extract the results. At the end the Audit report would contain data on How much waste is being generated and of what type?

What are the steps to be taken to manage this waste while complying to SWM Rule 2016. We would also advice on various technology and equipment which should be used to meet the specific requirement of an Individual Organisation.

Type Of Wastes

Liquid Waste

Waste includes dirty water, organic liquids, wash water, waste detergents.

Solid Waste

Organic and inorganic waste including construction .

Organic Waste

All food waste, garden waste and any other which can be converted into manure by microbial action.

Hazardous Waste

Flammable, toxic, corrosive and reactive.

Methods to Recycle Waste


Burying the waste in the land.


Solid wastes are burned to produce gaseous products.


Converting waste products into new products.

Plasma gasification

Converting waste products into new products.

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