NETRA Pro UAV is the most versatile Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with supply drop capability. The drone can used in the most demanding conditions as it is rugged & IP53 ingress certified. It is also highly reliable as it has multiple fail safes operations and redundancies for GPS and rotor systems. It is also very versatile it can operate two payloads simultaneously such as day and night cameras, LiDAR, multispectral cameras & supply drops.

This multi-role UAV is used for Security & Surveillance, Inspection, Photogrammetry, Traffic Management, Crowd Management, Disaster Relief, Harsh Environment Operation and Supply Drops.

Technical specification

Endurance 30 Min with 500 g payload
Range 4 km
Max Altitude for deployment 3000 Mtrs
Wind Resistance upto 20 Kts (36 Kmph)
Optical 1280x780 Pixel, 10X Zoom, HD 15+ MP
Thermal 320x240,640x480
GPS Multiple
Return to Home in High Winds, Low Battery, Comm Failure Conditions


Endurance (MSL)

Up to 30 Min with 500 g payload

Range (LoS)

Up to 4 km

Max Launch Altitude (AMSL)

Up to 3000 m

Wind Resistance

Up to 20 knots or 36 km/h

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