GI/B20/M-24X is a Single Person Operating Equipment with the provision of a spring loaded Compressing Lever to make bales effectively, with the help of which the lever is positioned perfectly to dump the waste into the BALER and start compression.

New Improved Design making it lot easier to tie the formed Bales keeping the Lever locked thereby improving the compaction Efficiency.
Also it is completely MOBILE with provision of Wheels.

Technical specification

Size 33"X 45" Inches (Foot print)
Max Bale Weight 25-45 Kg
Bale Foot Print 24" X 24" Inches
Ideal Time to Make Bale 10-12 Min
Bale Removal Easy Access Back Door
Wheels 02 Wheel for Mobility
Number slots for Bale tying 10 Slots (03 Each on the front and Back + 02 On either side for better bale tying strength)
Uses Plastic Wrap, Stretch Wraps, Cardboard, Paper Waste, Shredded Paper, Farm Waste



No power Supply required


provision of wheels

Slotted door

Makes tying the bale easy

Rust free Material

provide Long Life

Back door

for removal of formed Bale

Space Effective, productive & maintenance free too

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