Body Worn IFF

  • Active Night Vision Tags
  • Mini IR Tags
  • IR Body Tag

Technical specification

Model Number Mini IR / IR Body Tag
Wavelength 850 nm IR
Visibility 4 kms at average height of 10000 mtrs
Power Two AAA cell of 1.5v each
Time of operation 4 hours operation (steady ON)
Intensity 20 mW/Sr or 1000 mCd
Coverage 180 Degrees both axis
Mode Steady/0.5 sec flashing/1 sec flashing/2 sec flashing
Brightness Dim/Bright adjustments
Casing Rugged/military grade polycarbonate casing to encompass the IR Identifier with clip/Velcro for easy attachment
Dimensions 50 x 60 x 15 MM



Li-ion Battery & charger unit

Source of Light

Cluster of Ultra-POWER IR & Visible White LED

Weight of lamp

Mode of operation

Steady, Flashing

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