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The company wants to fill the gap in user requirements’ and OEM delivered products by interacting with and understanding the needs of the Indian Defense Forces and developing products which empowers our modern soldiers to effectively pit its strengths against any adversaries.

NVG Lights

Full capability NVG light sare based on LED technology. It consists of cluster of ultra-POWER IR LEDs and Visible LEDs with specially designed optic & Li-ion battery and charger unit.

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IFF IR Light

Day camera and the Thermal Imager on rotating platform. Fixed Bullet Thermal Camera Analytics and Alarm Notification Extended Range for human Ident upto 3 kms Dual Thermal/Optical Video Output Advanced VMS High end PTZ operations with 360 Uncooled Thermal Imager for robustness Design, Developed and Produced in India with Source code and Analytics

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Endurance of 20-25 Min at MSL Range of 2Km Max Altitude for deployment-3000Mtrs Max Height- 200 Mtrs AGL (DGCA restricted) Optical 1280x780 Pixel, 3X Zoom

Thermal 320x240,640x480 Multiple GPS

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Bird Scarer Canon

Entomopathogenic nematodes are soil inhabiting lethal insect parasitoids.They infect many different types of soil insects, including the larval forms of butterflies, moths, beetles and flies as well as adult crickets and grass hoppers.

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