biological control (biocontrol) is using the natural enemies of the pests against them. These natural enemies can be animals such as insects or mites, or much smaller organisms like fungi or bacteria. With biocontrol.

you are tipping the balance of the predator/prey interaction, so that the prey (in this case the pests) are eliminated entirely, or at least reduced to below economic thresholds.

Green lacewing Adult

Larval stage is voracious feeder and feeds on aphids, thrips, etc (soft bodied insects). The larvae continue to feed for a weeks' time and the adults reproduce in the area. Dose per acre depends on the infection level.

Trichogramma Chilonis (Tricocard)

Trichogramma chilonis is a small size parasitoid wasp that infects the eggs of over 200 species of lepidopterans. This wasp lays its eggs inside the eggs of other lepidopteran preventing the lepidopteron egg from hatching into caterpillar / larvae.

Effective against Bollworm, leaf miner, internode stem borer, etc. 6 cards per acre is the standard dose.

Entomopathogenic Nematode

Entomopathogenic nematodes are soil inhabiting lethal insect parasitoids.They infect many different types of soil insects, including the larval forms of butterflies, moths, beetles and flies as well as adult crickets and grass hoppers.

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