Pitagone Anti-Ram Barriers are designed, developed and produced in Belgium. They are manually movable and require no machinery to place or re-locate them, thus allowing for ingress and egress of emergency any priority vehicles.

Technical specification

Height 100 cm
Width 9,5 cm
Depth 105 cm
Total Weight 43,8 Kg
Mobility Mobile system Included
Modules Distance 80 cm
Penetration Stud.
Equipment does not cause panic.
No sharp edges or visible spikes.


1. Unique and mobile solution against ram vehicle
2. Tested with Functional mobile system on 4X4
3. Ultra fast assembly, does not require any tool
4. Easy storage and transport (Rack and SecurityBox)
5. Long Life cycle, minimal maintenance
6. Modal does not cause panic
7. Fully portable barrier that can be moved for priority vehicles
8. Withstands an impact of 7.5 t at 48 km/h
9. Withstands an impact of 2.5 t at 48 km/h with the wheels in 'On' position
9. Adopts to all surfaces and all terrains including pavements and uneven levels.

Storage solution

Security box

1. Length 2,5 m
2. Width 1,5 m
3. Height 1,35 m
4. Net weight 415 kg
5. Weight with 12 modules 967 kg
6. Allows better use of space in your warehouses and a
significant reduction in transport costs.
7. Quick and easy to handle.
8. Galvanised steel chassis.


1. Resistant to the harshest usage conditions.
2. An operational productivity time-saver.
3. More efficient use of space in your warehouses.
4. Significant reduction in transport costs.
5. Quick and easy to handle.
6. Prevents: theft, breakage and loss.
7. Dimensions : L 80cm x H 102,5cm x D 120cm
8. Net weight : 70 kg /Weight with 6 modules : 340 kg

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